Repairing or replacing the main sewer line can potentially be the most expensive repair ever made to a home. Costs are often $15-20,000.00! Homebuyers should consider this when purchasing a home. They also need to know that inspecting the main sewer line is not included in a standard home inspection and typically requires a sewer scope inspection. Consult your real estate professional to guide whether your potential new home should have a sewer line inspection. Schedule Your Minneapolis Home Inspection today!


Minneapolis Home Inspections | Thompson Inspections | Minneapolis MN And, what exactly constitutes a sewer line inspection? A sewer line inspection (sewer scope) is a specialized piece of equipment that sends a camera into your main sewer line to look for any damaged/separated pipes or other causes for concern, such as cracks, clogs, or roots growing into the system. During a sewer scope inspection, the camera will slowly move through the system and record the journey, documenting any issues along the way.

A good candidate for a sewer scope is a home that is 20+ years old, has trees in the front yard, and has a new cleanout cap. It may be an indication of a past sewer line problem. If the homeowner has not repaired or corrected the line, problems may return in short order. (In a newer home, evidence that the sewer line has settled may indicate a problem.) If the home is more recent than 20 years old, issues are less likely.


Thompson Inspections can offer sewer line inspections. When scheduling your home inspection, we can typically have the sewer camera available at the assessment. Upon completion, you will receive a full report with a video detailing your sewer line’s condition.

Camera Inspections, (up to 150ft.) $178.00 (Sewer lines over 150ft. add $22.00 per 50ft. inspected)

A home inspection is essential when buying a home. It is a significant part of the real estate transaction, whether you are buying or selling. Although major components are inspected, one important system is often not included – the sewer line. 

A typical home inspection doesn’t cover the sewer line as it is buried in the ground. But here at Thompson Inspection, we provide an exemplary Minneapolis, MN  Sewer Scope Inspection to determine the condition of the property’s sewer line and see if the system is properly functioning. 

What is a Sewer Scope Inspection? 

Sewer Scope Inspection is a video inspection of the lateral line (privately-owned pipeline) from the house connecting to the city tap, septic tank, or publicly-owned main sewer line. 

What Happens During a Sewer Scope Inspection?

A typical single-family residence inspection takes approximately one hour to complete. Our professional will insert a mini video camera into the sewer line and through the cleanout. The cleanout includes the basement, crawlspace, or just outside where the sewer line exits the house. If there are no obstructions found, our professional will inspect the city’s mainline from the cleanout. However, the trouble area’s location and depth will be easily recorded and marked on the ground surface if problems are found. 

What are the common sewer line problems found in Sewer Scope?

Common sewer line problems include the following:

  1. Root Intrusion: Sewer lines are the perfect environment for tree roots because of the constant water source in pipes. Roots can find the smallest crack to force their way through. 
  2. Settling: Improperly supported trenches can cause the sewer lines to sink or create low spots, often called “bellies.” Fortunately, bellies are easy to identify through sewer inspection. 
  3. Ground Shifting: Sewer lines can detach over time. Ground shifting can happen for many reasons, such as nearby excavations or seismic events. 
  4. Inferior Pipe Materials: Most older homes are sewer-connected by either clay or concrete tiles, brittle pipe materials that crack over time. A sewer inspection can quickly identify these types of materials and warn you of future problems. 
  5. Poor Installation: Sewer line installation is also prone to bad construction. The most common installation issues are improper joints and poorly fitted connections. Sewer Inspection can easily spot poor quality and raise a red flag for looming problems.

Who Should Get a Sewer Scope Inspection?

All buyers of a new home should call for a Sewer Scope Inspection. Few first-time home buyers consider this service, but this inspection is very important, especially if you buy an older home that’s over 20 years old.

When Should I Call for a Sewer Scope Inspection?

The best time to find out if a sewer line is faulty is before buying the property, not after. Numerous sewer line problems can turn into expensive and seriously troublesome issues.

Why Should I Call for a Sewer Scope Inspection?

A Sewer Scope Inspection is critical in identifying and confirming problems in the sewer line. Gone are the days when outdated and heavy exploratory equipment is being used to reveal any piping issues. Our Minneapolis, MN Sewer Scope Inspection provides an accurate and non-invasive view of the insides. This inspection is essential, cost-effective, and especially helpful at isolating areas of concern. 

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