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Minneapolis Home Inspections | Thompson Inspections | Minneapolis MN  | New Construction ServicesWe offer progressive inspections on new construction, inspecting the home as it progresses from one stage to another. Assessments are taken at critical times during the building process. We start with a Foundation Inspection. Before insulation is installed and drywall goes up, we perform a Framing Inspection to ensure that all framing components were properly installed. We will also review the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC rough-ins to ensure they appear properly installed and are signed off by the local building official. Schedule your Minneapolis home inspection today!

When the house is complete, we conduct a Final Inspection where we evaluate the entire home or building for a good fit/finish and the function and safety of the installed systems and components.

These inspections are designed to be informative and educational. Thompson Inspections will be a knowledgeable set of eyes ensuring your home is being built in the quality and safe manner you expect. We will be your advocate in reviewing that proper building officials inspect your home’s progress and promptly communicate any concerns to you. Each report will include numerous photos of each area reviewed so you can see what we have seen. This information is designed to give you peace of mind during the rapid pace of your new home’s building process. Schedule your Minneapolis home inspection today!

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Minneapolis Home Inspections | Minneapolis MN | Thompson Inspections

Minneapolis, MN is among the best places to grow up and grow old. We can’t blame the Minneapolitans. Having been ranked second most charitable state and the second-highest rate of volunteerism, Minnesota boasts its well-rounded advantages of people-centric opportunities for job and business growth, education, recreation, and real estate. 

While residents enjoy the big Minneapolis city amenities with a historic atmosphere, good food, the beautiful shades of green along lakes and rivers, and outdoor adventures all year round, you too can get ahead of the game when you hire a professional home inspector at Thompson Inspections. If you’re one to choose to move to a place packed with green space and a big city vibe combined, Thompson Inspections will help make your home buying decision an easy and most informed one.

Thompson Inspections has licensed and certified home inspectors who understand the significance of home investment, so each property we evaluate is performed with great care, attention to detail, and unparalleled value as we would to our own. Serving the Minneapolis metropolitan area and surrounding metro counties, our home inspection services have been sought for by numerous satisfied clients for years.

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