What is a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

It is a complete inspection that allows the seller to understand the condition of the home better.

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Benefits of a Pre-listing Home Inspection

1. Full Disclosure – This inspection allows disclosure of the home’s condition to the buyer. It gives the buyer the option to review the needs of the house before making an offer.

2. Opportunity To Improve The Home’s Overall Appeal – A pre-listing home inspection helps you to understand any current or potential problem areas within the home. And allows time to make repairs and improve the property.

3. Accurate Pricing – A Pre-Listing Home Inspection and any repairs done or not done will have the home in better condition for viewing, making it much more marketable. In addition, this will help establish the most accurate price for the property before potential buyers arrive.

4. Stress Relief – Buying a home is stressful. Completing a pre-listing home inspection and the report available for review for the buyer can help to eliminate the worry of what their inspector might find.

5. No Surprises – A pre-listing home inspection helps you eliminate the dreaded element of surprise and allows you to obtain the maximum selling price for the home.

6. It Makes It Easier To Find Buyers – Getting a pre-listing home inspection and promoting this with the home’s sale is a great selling point. Buyers are attracted to homes that have been inspected and have very few problems as they feel confident that there won’t be problems after moving in.

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